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Cap cities

Friday, May 10, 201305/10/2013

Capital Cities “Safe and Sound Video”

Cool video if you like dance!


Sunday, May 5, 201305/05/2013

Maia Sharp Visits Studio Z

My “Bestie” Maia Sharp does a live Acoustic Coffee Break.

Boston lockdown

Monday, April 22, 201304/22/2013

Locked Down in Boston

We were “Sheltered in Place”


Friday, April 12, 201304/12/2013

Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” Lego Style

The “Lego House” Video, with real Legos!

North Pond Hermit

Thursday, April 11, 201304/11/2013

The Story of the North Pond Hermit

I have a camp on North Pond!


Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

Jim Morrison-Why Fat is Beautiful

Jim Morrison liked being a “Large Mammal”

Mini Maine

Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Portland Looks Like a Toy City

Want to see a cool video?


Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Jimmy Fallon and The Chickeneers

This version of “Ho Hey” is clucking great!


Thursday, March 28, 201303/28/2013

Raccoon Plays Sprinkler Harp

This Raccoon is a talented musician


Monday, March 11, 201303/11/2013

SNL-Maine Justice with Justin Timberlake

SNL Maine Justice- Funny or stupid?

About Randi

Email: randi@989wclz.com

Why radio?
Where else can you spend your workday with people who are as passionate about music as you are? Plus I have the perfect face for radio.

Why CLZ?
It’s great to be on a station that plays the same music I listen to on my Ipod....Lyle Lovett, Bruce Cockburn, John Gorka......I can finally play different music.....different is good!

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
That I once spent a year living in a cabin in West Virginia with only a wood stove for heat and no electricity or water. We melted snow over the fire for water in the winter.

What was your first concert?
Okay....I’m really dating myself here.....it was Captain Beefheart in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Captain Beefheart? Yep. Google him.

Music people would be surprised you love?
Broadway musicals- give me Phantom or Rent and I am in heaven!

Best advice you have ever gotten?
Always wear comfortable shoes.

What is your favorite place in Maine?
What is not a favorite? We’ve got it all; the ocean, lakes, mountains, quaint towns.......we are SOOOOO lucky to live in Maine. Of course, I am partial to my camp in the Belgrade Lakes area.

What is your secret talent?
I can see from the back of my head (at least that is what my kids believe).

What is the worst job you have ever had?
I’ve never had any job other than radio, and the worst day in radio is better than the best day in a “real” job.

Most embarrassing moment?
Getting locked out of the radio station while doing laundry during my show. Listeners called the police when they heard the dead air thinking something bad had happened to me.