Music form the 207

Music From 207


Catch Music from 207, hosted by Aimsel Ponti,  every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:00pm. Have a favorite local band or song? Send a request to Aimsel.

Are you a local musician? We welcome your submissions (please note if songs contain profanity). Email your music to

Or snail mail music to:
Aimsel Ponti
Local Music Director
420 Western Avenue
South Portland, ME 04106

Upcoming Concerts:
6/28 Pete Kilpatrick, Portland Lobster Company, Portland
7/1 Pete Miller Band, Acoustic Sunset Sail, Portland
7/10 Pete Kilpatrick, Portland Lobster Company, Portland
7/15 Kil Collins, The Porthole, Portland
7/17 A Mighty Lion, Amigo’s, Portland
7/18 Pardon Me Doug, Casablanca Cruise, Portland
7/18 The Mallett Brothers Band, Yarmouth Clam Festival, Yarmouth
7/19 North of Nashville, Casablanca Cruise, Portland
7/19 A Mighty Lion, The Porthole, Portland
7/20 A Mighty Lion, Casablanca Cruise, Portland
7/26 Kil Collins, Casablanca Cruise, Portland
7/26 Pete Kilpatrick, Portland Lobster Company, Portland
8/1 Pat Foley Band, The Porthole, Portland
8/2 Hello Newman, Casablanca Cruise, Portland
8/2 The Lower East Side Band, The Porthole, Portland
8/5 Tricky Britches, Acoustic Sunset Sail, Portland
8/8 Awesome Kong, Casablanca Cruise, Portland
8/8 Dustin Saucier & The Sad Bastards, Bayside Bowl, Portland
8/9 Pete Kilpatrick, Portland Lobster Company, Portland
8/9 The Tina Kelly Band, The Porthole, Portland
8/13 Lyle Divinsky, The Porthole, Portland
8/20 Slaid Cleaves, The Strand Theatre, Rockland
8/21 Slaid Cleaves, Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownsfield, ME
8/27 Pete Kilpatrick Band, Coast Bar & Bistro, Brunswick
9/13 Pete Kilpatrick, Portland Lobster Company, Portland

6/24 & 6/28
Eric Bettencourt An Underwater Dream
Phantom Buffalo Horse Named Reginald
Kate Schrock stories
Reverie Machine Little Things
Starlight Cicada Empty Can’t Give
Ameranouche Stockholm
Fogcutters w/Will Mallett Don’t Need you
Gypsy Tailwind Coming Up Close
Jacob Augustine Salvation
Audrey Ryan Later Alligator
Micah Blue Smaldone (live/acous) The Clearing
All the Real Girls If You Lose the Sun
Keelan Donovan Wrong Destination
6/18 & 6/21
Munjoy Hill Society Mango
Dark Hollow Bottling Company Sold
Ceili Spaulding Sea Water
Starlight Cicada   Empty Can’t Give
Micah Blue Smaldone (live/acous) The Clearing
Anna Lombard All For You
Emilia Dahlin Rattle Them Bones
The Molenes Blood and Bone
Roy Davis Stranger’s House
Seekonk Air
Kenya Hall So Long
Keelan Donovan It’s Alright
A Severe Joy Love In The Summertime
6/3 & 6/7
Sara Hallie Richardson What Would It Be Like
Jason Spooner The Flame You Follow
Carol Noonan Walk Away Renee
North of Nashville Sam Hill
Arborea Pale Horse Phantasm
Playing for Change Be In Love
Sara Cox At Home With Home
Pete Kilpatrick The Owl And The Hedgehog
X Ray Actress California Venezuela
Rustic Overtones Letter To The President
Gypsy Tailwind So Lonely
5/27 & 5/31
Pete Dubuc (Don’t Forget to) Don’t Go
Lovers of Fiction Everyone At Target Drives A Honda
Div Kid Here We Go
Rustic Overtones Friends
Scott Logan Representin’
Rob Scott and Black Powder Lies in Your Hair
Max Garcia Conover Evergreen Cemetary
Pete Kilpatrick Band By My Side
The-Drink-o-lators Broken Record Drunk Guy
Timothy Cushing Dandelion Wine
Frotus Caper Cool Is A Curse
5/20 & 5/24
Keelan Donovan Have You Heard The News?
Cidny Bullens Better Than I’ve Ever Been
Lovers of Fiction Everyone At Target Drives A Honda
Div Kid Here We Go
Isobell Carnival
Sara Cox Snow (Z)
Max Ater Ready, Willing, Waiting
Joshua Madore Courthouse
Scott Logan Representin’
Brad Hooper Wanderin’ Man
Slaid Cleaves Horseshoe Lounge
5/13 & 5/17
Ghost of Paul Revere Wolves
Phantom Buffalo Horse Named Reginald
Mallett Brothers Band Last Man Standing
Tall Horse Sour
Kenya Hall Band Still Dreaming
Kurt Baker Band Girl’s Got Money
Forget Forget Do You Love Me
A Severe Joy Love In The Summertime
Rustic Overtones Long Division
Serious Rooms The Answers
Line of Force Gratitude
Clara Junken Out To See
As Fast As Bigger Than Both Of Us
5/6 & 5/10
Anna Lombard Waiting for Rescue
Theodore Treehouse Friendship Bracelet
Sha Sha Sha Book Shelf
Spencer Albee One2Three
KGFreeze Silver Briefcase
Sea Level Useless to Fight
GK and the Right of Way 33
Shanna Underwood There Was a Town
Lovers of Fiction Everyone At Target Drives A Honda
Emilia Dahlin Sad Affair
Endless Interstate Miles
Tricky Britches Arizona
Gunther Brown Say Goodbye
4/29 & 5/3
Jason Spooner Simple Life
Nuclear Boots Kitty Blue
Amy and the Engine I Got You
Builder of the House There is No Hourglass Only Sand
Vinyl Instinct Undone
The Boneheads Call me up
When Particles Collide Ego
Spencer Albee Why Am I a Fool?
Doug Kolmer Closed for the Season
Micromasse Don’t Give Up ft. Sara Hallie
John Clavette Band Your War
The Toughcats Sunlight
Pete Kilpatrick What She Sings

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