Music form the 207

Music From 207


Catch Music from 207, hosted by Aimsel Ponti,  every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:00pm. Have a favorite local band or song? Send a request to Aimsel.

Are you a local musician? We welcome your submissions (please note if songs contain profanity). Email your music to

Or snail mail music to:
Aimsel Ponti
Local Music Director
420 Western Avenue
South Portland, ME 04106

8/26 & 8/30
Sara Hallie Richardson Deliverance
The Worrisome Hearts Down This Road
Sara Cox At Home With Home
Lyle Divinsky Rich
Arborea After the Flood Only Love Remains
Jeff Beam Auspicious Minds
Amy and The Engine Last Forever
All The Real Girls When I Had You
Monique Barrett What Would You Do
Paddy Mills Settle Up
Dominic and The Lucid Late Night at the Circus
Dana Gross Hummingbird
Armies Let It Burn
8/19 & 8/23
Sara Hallie Richardson Sonorous
Devonsquare If You Could See Me Now
Ian Marquis Stagefright
Armies Strangers
Ronda Dale Easy Passin’
Ceili Spaulding Sweet Blue
Jon King Steady Love
Tree by Leaf Fraud
Spencer Albee One2Three
Kurt Baker She’s Not Sorry
Spouse Are You Gonna Kiss or Wave Goodbye
Isobell Don’t Move
Lyle Divinsky Fallin’

8/12 & 8/16
Sara Hallie Richardson It’s Not You
Samuel James Tan Sedan
Armies Harpswell Sound
Isobell Strangers
Shanna Underwood & Wanderlost Midnight on the Sun
Keelan Donovan It’s Alright
Kate Schrock Waiting In Vain
Ellis Paul Marie’s Beautiful Mess
Playing for Change Be in Love
Bullyclub Cheap Blue Tattoo
Hiss & Chambers Decoy
The Box Tiger Set Fire To Your Friends
Ceili Spaulding Stardust
8/5 & 8/9
Sly Chi Con Corazon
The Worrisome Hearts Long Drive Home
Tree By Leaf Little Lost and Lonely
Tricky Britches Brackett St.
The Reverie Machine Little Things
Armies Reach Out and Let It Burn
Ronda Dale You Being You
Nick Curran & The Lowlifes Reform School Girls
Sara Cox Sticking (not stuck)
Patty Griffin Long Ride Home
Shanna Underwood & The Wanderlost Midnight on the Sun
Roy Davis Barbara Lang
Amy and the Engine Patience
7/29 & 7/02
Armies Nitelite
Jeff Beam Auspicious Minds
The Worrisome Hearts New Love
Devonsquare If You Could See Me Now
Ronda Dale Yuppie Passin’ Thru
Zach Jones Things Were Better
Ceili Spaulding Sea Water
Forget Forget Do You Love Me
Ghost of Paul Revere Wolves
Rustic Overtones Long Division
The Boneheads Harder Hangin’ On
7/22 & 7/26
Jason Spooner Band The Flame You Follow
Spouse No Sudden Moves
Arborea After The Flood Only Love Remains
Anna Lombard All For You
Tall House Sour
Clara Berry Air Traffic
Dominic and the Lucid And Then We’ll Be Swinging
Isobell Carnival
Seekonk Air
Darien Brahms St. Joan
A Severe Joy Love in the Summertime
Patty Griffin Go Wherever You Wanna Go
Micromasse Don’t Give Up
6/24 & 6/28
Eric Bettencourt An Underwater Dream
Phantom Buffalo Horse Named Reginald
Kate Schrock stories
Reverie Machine Little Things
Starlight Cicada Empty Can’t Give
Ameranouche Stockholm
Fogcutters w/Will Mallett Don’t Need you
Gypsy Tailwind Coming Up Close
Jacob Augustine Salvation
Audrey Ryan Later Alligator
Micah Blue Smaldone (live/acous) The Clearing
All the Real Girls If You Lose the Sun
Keelan Donovan Wrong Destination
6/18 & 6/21
Munjoy Hill Society Mango
Dark Hollow Bottling Company Sold
Ceili Spaulding Sea Water
Starlight Cicada   Empty Can’t Give
Micah Blue Smaldone (live/acous) The Clearing
Anna Lombard All For You
Emilia Dahlin Rattle Them Bones
The Molenes Blood and Bone
Roy Davis Stranger’s House
Seekonk Air
Kenya Hall So Long
Keelan Donovan It’s Alright
A Severe Joy Love In The Summertime

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