Jenn Gondek

Jenn Gondek

Jenn Gondek


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Stressed? Relax With Soothing Views from Space!

Catch amazing views live from the International Space Station!


Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Portland Science Center

Hear my interview with Matt Stone from the Portland Science Center

Dumb-bells on the stand in the gym in a row

Wednesday, April 27, 201604/27/2016

Stuck Sitting At a Desk? Deskercise!

You can burn calories while you work.


Tuesday, April 26, 201604/26/2016

Marathon in Space!

Imagine running a marathon in space!


Monday, April 25, 201604/25/2016

Have You Been Washing Your Hands Wrong?

There’s a 6 step process that could get rid of a lot more germs!


Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

Good News for Earth Day!

Energy use is down and that’s a reason to celebrate!


Thursday, April 14, 201604/14/2016

You Can Be a Part of Penguin Watch!

Help science and have some fun looking at penguins!

Photo of the background fresh red strawberries

Wednesday, April 13, 201604/13/2016

The “Dirty Dozen” list of 2016 Has Been Released

Are your favorite fruits and vegetables on the list?

GrandyOats Logo_PMS(R) resize

Friday, April 8, 201604/08/2016

My Interview with Aaron from Grandy Oats

Jenn’s interview with Aaron from GrandyOats!

porcupine fish

Thursday, April 7, 201604/07/2016

Snorkelers Rescue Porcupine Fish

Watch two snorkelers rescue a trapped porcupine fish.

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Music people would be surprised you love? The classics; Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

What is your favorite album? Led Zeppelin “Presence”

Best advice you've gotten? Be yourself.

What do you do when you’re not on the air? Belly Dance

I am animal adoption and rescue advocate.