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Jenn Gondek


Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

New Species

There are millions of species that have yet to be discovered. Here are some and rather unique ones!

opened can of cold beer on green background

Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

A Safer Six Pack Ring

These new rings could make a big impact on the way we think about packaging!

Grunge picture of an old tortoise

Monday, May 23, 201605/23/2016

A Rescued Tortoise Gets A New Shell

An inspiring story about a tortoise and the incredible people who saved her.

trees nacht

Monday, May 23, 201605/23/2016

Trees Sleep?

A new study says yes!


Thursday, May 19, 201605/19/2016

Need To Trim The Weeds? Get a Goat!

Goats are helping out in NYC!


Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

You Can Help the Monarch Butterfly

Make your own seed pods to help spread milkweed!


Thursday, May 12, 201605/12/2016

A Rotating House?

Imagine a home you can rotate like a lazy susan!

from away

Wednesday, May 11, 201605/11/2016

From Away

Teagan Wright is creating a television series about Maine!


Tuesday, May 10, 201605/10/2016


My thoughts on the importance of kindness


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Stressed? Relax With Soothing Views from Space!

Catch amazing views live from the International Space Station!

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