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Green Team

Maine Green Minute

Provided by the Natural Resources Council of Maine

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Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Give Thanks To The Earth

In Maine Green Minute

Serve food this holiday that is grown at a local Farmers Market


Tuesday, November 17, 201511/17/2015

Protect The Earth From Your Tissues

In Maine Green Minute

Forests are taking a hit on name brand tissues for cold, what can you do to help?

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Wednesday, November 11, 201511/11/2015

Breathing Easier With The Windows Closed

In Maine Green Minute

Learn how to keep your indoor air free of pollutants


Thursday, October 29, 201510/29/2015

Save Money By Getting Your Heating Systems Serviced

In Maine Green Minute

As much as half a home’s energy use is used for heating and cooling.


Wednesday, October 28, 201510/28/2015

Waste From Halloween Treats And Costumes

In Maine Green Minute

If half of children’s Halloween costumes were traded each year it would save 6,250 tons pounds from landfills.


Tuesday, October 27, 201510/27/2015

Tips On Planting Bulbs In Autumn

In Maine Green Minute

You can plant flowering bulbs anytime between September and November.

coffee mgm

Tuesday, October 27, 201510/27/2015

Shade Grown Coffee Is Easier On The Environment

In Maine Green Minute

Not all coffee is grown equal.

Thursday, October 22, 201510/22/2015

Old Socks Or Socks With No Mate?

In Maine Green Minute

Creative Uses For Your Lone Socks


Wednesday, October 21, 201510/21/2015

You Can Harvest Veggies After The Snow Flies

In Maine Green Minute

The secret is mulch that acts as insulation.

chimney image

Tuesday, October 20, 201510/20/2015

Is Your Furnace Over 15 Years Old?

In Maine Green Minute

If so, it could be sending your hard earned cash and unnecessary pollution up the chimney.

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