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Latest Headlines

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Kanye West publicly apologizes to Beck


The rapper has publicly apologized to Beck almost three weeks after staging a silent protest at the Grammys.

in Music

Rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true for adults at Minnesota camp


Just because you have a family and a mortgage doesn't mean you can't rock and roll.

in Entertainment, Viral Videos, Weird

Llama drama captivates the nation


Llama I'm coming home! Two llamas making a therapy visit to an Arizona retirement community escaped, sparking a hilarious chase caught live on TV.

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TODAY’S MUST SEE: 2-year-old sings National Anthem, makes America better


Adorable Trent Harris singing the "Star Spangled Banner" before the start of a high school basketball game will make you proud to be an American.

in Entertainment

Today in entertainment history: Feb. 27


A walk down Hollywood's memory lane.