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Latest Headlines

in Entertainment

Iconic movie soundtracks being reissued on vinyl


"Clueless," "Jaws," "The Godfather," "Pulp Fiction," and "Animal House" are among the 26 film soundtracks being released on wax.

in Music, Entertainment

Leonardo DiCaprio is not dating Rihanna


The "Titanic" star has been the focus of growing gossip after he was spotted at several events with the pop singer, including her birthday.

in Lifestyle

McDonald’s to use chicken without certain antibiotics


The announcement comes as the fast-food giant struggles to shake its junk food image.

in Viral Videos

Watch Gordon Ramsay give Jimmy Kimmel a blind taste test


The "Hell's Kitchen" star tests the comedian's palate with a blind taste test.

in Entertainment

Joe Jonas, Ciara sign on for new variety show


The show, titled "I Can Do That!," will debut this summer.