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A Green Cookout

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Lighten Your Load

Clean more than the outside of your car this summer!  Learn why, here.

Summer Reading

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Latest Headlines

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Miami judge recognizes suspect as middle school classmate


A man charged with burglary is moved to tears when he realizes he went to middle school with the judge assigned to his case.

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Fourth of July freebies


Celebrate your independence from high prices!

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This cat doesn’t care about your yoga pose


This adorable cat has mastered the art of passive aggressive protest.

in Lifestyle, National

Montana polygamist vows to fight for marriage license


A Montana polygamist featured on the show "Sister Wives" says he will sue if denied the right to legally wed his second wife.

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WATCH: How to shoot fireworks photos with your smartphone


You know you're going to post some of those shots on Instagram ... why not make them look good?