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Latest Headlines

in Entertainment

More clues point to an all-girl ‘Ghostbusters’


Director Paul Feig has teased fans with his latest "Ghostbusters" casting coup.

in Entertainment

Star-studded cast bringing back ‘Wet Hot American Summer’


Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Rudd will officially reprise their roles from the 2001 cult comedy.

in Entertainment, Sports

Chocolate maker trolls Patriots with ‘deflated football’ candy


The chocolate football with a big dent in its side is good enough to (ch)eat!

in Entertainment

Chris Pratt the favorite to take on ‘Indiana Jones’ remake


The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star is the latest frontrunner to lead a planned Disney remake.

in Lifestyle

Snapchat adds news, entertainment to its messaging service


Snapchat has partnered with CNN, ESPN and others to compete with Facebook and Twitter.