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Wednesday, March 6, 201303/06/2013

Mat Kearney and his golf buddies

I think this is hilarious!


Monday, March 4, 201303/04/2013

Morrissey Shuts Down McDonald’s…targets Beyonce

Read the story in the Hollywood Reporter  


Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Jack White Named Record Store Day Ambassador

Jack provides some details about RSD and some deep, dark secrets of the music biz!


Wednesday, February 13, 201302/13/2013

MusiCares Tribute to Bruce Springsteen


Tuesday, January 29, 201301/29/2013

‘The History of The Eagles’ Documentary and Tour

There’s a new documentary about the history of the Eagles and they’re going to tour in 2013!


Monday, January 28, 201301/28/2013

Mayo Street Arts Puppet Shows

The art of creating a puppet


Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

Maine Poet Richard Blanco Reads Inaugural Poem

Richard Blanco does the state of Maine proud at the President’s Inauguration


Monday, January 21, 201301/21/2013

The Lumineers on SNL

The Lumineers were awesome on SNL the other night!


Thursday, January 17, 201301/17/2013

Jennifer Lawrence SNL Promo

It should be a good show this weekend with musical guest The Lumineers and Jennifer Lawrence hosting


Tuesday, January 15, 201301/15/2013

Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise

Take a cruise back to the 90s!

About Ethan


Why radio?
I’ve always loved music and after many less-than-successful years trying to play the piano and the viola growing up I’ve found the perfect way to satisfy my passion and get paid to do it!

Why CLZ?
When I was offered the position of program director I couldn’t believe my good fortune. After all these years of playing what I was told to play I finally had the opportunity to play the music I really love. And now when I discover something new that I think deserves some airtime, I don’t have to look at the charts, I just put it on the radio!

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
I have two daughters. Ages five and 27!

What was your first concert?
My first show would have been at City Hall Auditorium (now Merrill) to see the Portland Symphony Orchestra. My mother was a violinist in the symphony! The first show I really enjoyed was The Kinks at the Civic Center in ’82 or ’83.

TV shows you can’t miss?
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I love the fact that he’s as funny as they come and yet is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever seen. And, The Office…squirm…laugh…squirm…laugh.

What is your favorite place in Maine?
Monhegan Island. There’s nothing quite like taking the ferry out of New Harbor and arriving in what seems like another world. Oh, and I’m partial to Bradbury Mountain.

What is your secret talent?
I can balance (almost) anything I can lift on my chin including a guitar and a 24-foot extension ladder.

Most embarrassing moment?
I was working my first radio job at a small station in Sedona, Arizona but I was also a waiter at an upscale restaurant. One night I recommended our house dressing – black-pepper vinaigrette. Except the word "pepper" didn’t come out quite right.