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Catch Music from 207 every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:00pm. Have a favorite local band or song? Send a request to host Holly Nunan. Are you a local musician? We welcome your submissions (please note if songs contain profanity).

Send music to:

Holly Nunan
WCLZ Music from 207
420 Western Avenue
South Portland, ME 04106

Upcoming Concerts:
3/5 Pete Kilpatrick Band, The Liberal Cup, Hallowell
3/6 Girls ROCK feat. MAMM, The Box Tiger, Yard Sail, MYRO String Quartet, Port City Music Hall, Portland
3/7 North of Nashville, Swig’n’Smelt, Sandy River, ME
3/13 Pardon Me, Doug, Empire, Portland
3/13 North of Nashville, Moose Alley, Rangeley
3/13 Gunther Brown, Eureka Hall, Stockholm, ME
3/14 Gunther Brown, Eureka Hall, Stockholm, ME
3/14 Jason Spooner Band, Moose Alley, Rangeley
3/15 North of Nashville, Foggy Goggle, Newry, ME
3/21 Pete Kilpatrick Band, The Rack, Sugarloaf
3/21 State of the State III, State Theatre and One Longfellow Square
3/20 Gunther Brown, Port City Blue, Portland
3/27 The Mallett Brothers Band and North of Nashville, Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownsfield
3/28 The Mallett Brothers Band and North of Nashville, The Strand Theatre, Rockland
3/28 Joe Gallant and The Transit, Nocturnem Draft Haus, Bangor
3/28 Rustic Overtones, Sunday River, Bethel
4/3 Pardon Me, Doug, The Rack, Sugarloaf
4/10 Pardon Me, Doug, The Rack, Sugarloaf
4/11 Pardon Me, Doug, The Rack, Sugarloaf
4/11 Jason Spooner with Seth Glier, The Strand Theatre, Rockland
4/25 Joe Gallant and The Transit, Frontier, Brunswick
5/7 Pete Kilpatrick Band, The Liberal Cup, Hallowell
5/16 Pardon Me, Doug, Port City Music Hall, Portland
6/12 The Ghost of Paul Revere, Kennebunkport Festival, Kennebunkport
6/12 MYRO, Anna Lombard & Eyenine & Sea Level, Port City Music Hall, Portland
6/14 Old Port Festival, WCLZ Stage

3/4 & 3/8
Travis Cyr California
One Shot Nothing Icarus
Jon Nolan Feels Right
Lyle Davinski I Care
GK and the Right of Way 33
The Gray Davies Up or Down
When Particles Collide Ego
Dominic and the Lucid Late Night at the Circus
KGFreeze Silver Briefcase
Spencer Albee One2Three
D. Gross Hummingbird
Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper Dinosaur Song
Kate Schrock Why
2/25 & 3/1
Eric Bettencourt An Underwater Dream
Pete Kilpatrick Band Stars
Builder of the House Running Blind
An Overnight Low London
dilly dilly My Heart Is An Idiot
Xander Nelson The Actress
The Grumps Mamma Jamma Programma
Dana Gross Hummingbird
KGFreeze Top Secret
Clara Junken Show Me Your Smile
The Beat Horizon Through The Door
The Box Tiger Bleeding Heart
Sara Cox Willow
2/18 & 2/22
Mallett Brothers Band Walk Down the River
Steve Jones You Misread Me
Darien Brahms There’s Something to be Said
Anna Lombard All For You
Halfway Rock Wave of the Future
Tall Horse Sour
Joe Boucher So That’s Your Life
North of Nashville Road Worn and Reckless
Line of Force Gratitude
McCarthys The Way Life Is
Don Campbell Changing Horses
JT Lockwood The Best of Me
Ghost of Paul Revere Ghostland
2/11 & 2/15
Jacob Augustine High Water
Clara Junken Out To See
Joe Gallant My Own Divide
Keelan Donovan It’s Alright
Elijah Ocean Bring It All In
Zach Jones Hate What You Hate
Lyle Divinsky Hold On
Gunther Brown Vultures
Andi Fawcett & Doubting Gravity The Real Thing
Johnny Cremains Dry Erase
The Leftovers Untouchable
Jason Spooner Band Long Cold Grave
Bill Chinnock Dimestore Heroes
2/4 & 2/8
Anna Lombard They Want Us
Doug Kolmer Closed for the Season
Rustic Overtones Troublesome
Jeff Beam’s Loudspeaker Wallpaper Congratulations On Your Latest
Kris Rodgers Burden On Me
Samuel James Here Comes Nina
McCarthys Love Is
The Feather Lungs Subtraction
Spencer Albee So Long
Zach Jones In Love
Mallett Brothers Band Emily
A Severe Joy Love In The Summertime
1/28 & 2/1
Amy and the Engine I Got You
Lovers of Fiction Everyone At Target Drives A Hond
Eric Bettencourt Dreamed
Vinyl Instinct Undone
James Gilmore The Conductor
Ghost of Paul Revere Hey Girl
GK and the Right of Way Watching In My Mind
Darien Brahms Wicked
Emilia Dahlin Sad Affair
Micromasse Don’t Give Up
Keelan Donovan It’s Alright
The Gray Davies Up or Down
Travis Cyr California

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